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Zoely Tablet 28
Sales price: $28.00


As part of our Duty of Care assertiveness we offer all our patients the finest possible services we can offer. Ensuring that all our patients are being treated with the most professional, courteous & efficient manner possible. Here are some of our main services we offer -

Webster Packing –

A complimentary free service

To help avoid mistakes such as missing a dose or doubling up

Ensuring you take the correct medication

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Bedtime layout

Medication description & list of what medications you’re taking

Deliveries –

A complimentary free service

We deliver to patients that live near our local suburbs

This service is to ensure our patients that we are always happy to assist with delivering their medication when they are

     not able to get to our pharmacy

We deliver at any time needed (excluding non-opening hours)

Blood Pressure Checks –

A complimentary free service

This service is an easy way to record your blood pressure for your next Doctors visit or so you can keep track yourself

No need to call beforehand, we offer this service at any time of our opening hours

Healthcare Aids –

We offer Home Healthcare Aids through hire or for sale

Our wide range include walking sticks, crutches, wheelchairs, walking frames, 4 wheel chair, over-the-toilet chairs,

    shower  stools, shower chairs, tens machine, blood pressure machines, vaporisers, digital thermometers, glucometers, &

    breast pump.

We require a deposit before hiring a healthcare aid

If there is a certain item that we do not have that you’d like to buy – we are happy to order it in for you

Loyalty Member Program –

This program has specially been put in place for all customers that regularly shop with us

Exclusive member discounts & automotive inclusion into our promotions

Medicine Information –

As healthcare professions – we like to certify our patients on all facts, side effects, dosage information, interactions and

    what to expect when being prescribed a new medication

The pharmacist is always available to talk through this to patients

We also are happy to print off a Consumer Medicine Information (CMI’s) leaflet for you to take home after receiving your



DOC Chemist is an independent community pharmacy that has been serving the local community for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of care, great savings and friendly service. Located on Brisbane's northside, we are open 6 days a week to accommodate all of your health care needs.

This website provides further access to the quality service and advice you recieve at D.O.C Chemist.


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