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You are here: HomeProductsEye and Ear CareClean Ears Spray 30ml Spray

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Nature's Own Odourless Fish Oil 2000mg 200 Capsules
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Clean Ears Spray 30ml Spray

Product Detail

General Information

CleanEars is a clinically proven ear wax removal spray that is suitable for children and adults. It works by dissolving ear wax and provides irrigation to flush it from the ear canal. With CleanEars, ear wax is gradually removed from the ear within several hours or days. CleanEars is a safer alternative to using cotton buds.

With CleanEars, you do not have to tilt your head or lie down for application, simply spray and go!

Excess ear wax or ear impaction is often experienced in patients over 65 years of age especially those with hearing aids, however it can be a common problem in younger patients and children. Effects of accumulated ear wax in the ear canal can include hearing loss, pain, itching, tinnitus, vertigo, painful inflammation of the ear and chronic cough.

CleanEars is a simple easy spray that removes ear wax using the following main ingredients:

Squalene: a similar composition to ear wax but in liquid form. When it is sprayed into the ear, the squalene collides with the cerumen and through imparting its kinetic energy, it partially liquifies the ear wax.
Mineral oil: helps irrigate the ear and removes the dissolved ear wax from the ear canal.
Spearmint oil: warms the ear canal and provides a pleasant odour.

To use CleanEars simply apply 1-2 sprays in each ear 3 times per day until the wax dissolves. There’s no need for you to lie down for application, just spray and go!

Always read the label. Use as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Standard Prescription Price $ 8.99

Rating: Not Rated Yet

CleanEars is a clinically proven ear wax removal spray that is suitable for children and adults.


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